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The needs and requirements of your family usually dictate your preference of funeral service; there is no “right” or “wrong”. Services can be elaborate or simple, traditional, or nontraditional. Whatever your preference, we will help you make it a meaningful, personal and unique remembrance that will reflect the life of your loved one.

Viewing and Funeral Ceremony
Families may request a formal visitation (with or without an open casket) followed by the interment of the deceased. Interment (ground burial) and entombment (above ground crypt) are usually preceded by a viewing, also called a gathering or calling hours. Some families request the use of the facilities for an evening viewing, with a church service and burial the next morning. However, many families today prefer to have everything in one day with a viewing, service and then burial.

Cremation with Funeral
Choosing cremation neither eliminates nor requires a funeral service. Many families plan a traditional service or viewing before the cremation occurs. They may also decide to have an immediate cremation and hold a memorial service at a different time.

Graveside Services
Graveside services are the final step in the funeral ceremony. Families gather at the grave site where a brief ceremony is held to honor the memory of the deceased. Prayers and remarks are said before final goodbyes are made. Committal services can include all family and friends that were present at earlier portions of the funeral, or it can be a more private graveside ceremony with a smaller, more intimate group.

Whatever your preference, we will help you make it a meaningful remembrance.

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