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Name Date of Death
Vojo Tashi February 26th, 2021
Cathy Branka (Hickey) February 21st, 2021
Patrick Flanagan February 12th, 2021
Robert Forrest February 10th, 2021
Sheila McCloskey (O'Hara) February 7th, 2021
Dolores Domzalski (Leimkuhler) January 28th, 2021
Maria Rosa Primus January 28th, 2021
Anna Marie Catanzaro (Lodise) January 26th, 2021
Annette Bernauer (Vinci) January 25th, 2021
Mary E. Cronin (James) January 9th, 2021
Blerta Miha (Kutra) January 6th, 2021
Joey Mathew January 3rd, 2021
Idamae Massey (Stephenson) January 3rd, 2021
Robert E. Albus January 1st, 2021
William F. Stapleton December 26th, 2020