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It's hard to know what to do when your loved one passes away. We have put together some guidelines for you when it happens.


If they die in a health care facility: Depending on prior arrangements, either the facility or the family will make the initial call to the funeral home. Please know your loved one will not be transferred into our care until we have spoken to your family and obtained permission to do so.

If your loved one dies at home:
  • If they were being cared for by hospice, you are first call should be to your hospice provider so they can make any necessary preparations for the funeral home.
  • If your loved one passes unexpectedly, and they are not under the care of hospice, you should call 911 first. Afterward, contact the funeral home so that we can help guide you through the next steps and bring your loved one into our care as soon as possible.

When a death occurs away from home: Please call us directly and we will coordinate with local services to ensure that your loved one can be brought into our care as soon as possible. We will work with them quickly and professionally.

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