Roy David Gallus

Date of Death: 
July 23rd, 2020

When Roy Gallus was growing up in Philadelphia he felt a deep-seeded need to serve God and become a priest. But God had other ideas, wanting Roy to become a devout family man Turns out that Roy excelled in both journeys until he died from complications of a brain tumor at the age of 70 last week. Even after learning of his dire diagnosis Roy was “fearless” according to his son Michael, continuing to serve God in any way possible. “He’d never mention his condition, and only when others brought it up would he respond.” As a youth, Roy attended St. Dominic’s and Father Judge prior to earning a bachelor’s degree from Temple and entering the Army, serving as a Central Intelligence agent. Roy was extremely proud of filling that role in the military throughout the remainder of his life. Roy’s fortunes continued to shine when he met Alicia in 1990 and the couple married two years later, living both in Philadelphia and Cinnaminson, NJ, the latter for 16 years. Alicia treasures remembering Roy as “the love of my life and soulmate. All my life I waited for someone like my Roy; spiritual and understanding, joyous, silly, jovial, kind hearted. And he accepted me as I am, he loved me just the way I am.” He worked for the State of Pennsylvania for 35 years, primarily as a case worker for the Welfare Department where he formed a great relationship with his co-workers. Upon retirement, Roy was a scout leader and pursued his hobbies of bike riding, fishing with family and friends, and sailing his boat with the Quaker City Yacht Club where he involved himself in races on the Delaware River. But Roy devoted much of his time to his faith, attending the seminary, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and an auxiliary member of the Legion of Mary. He became a Eucharistic minister and member of the South Jersey Emmaus Men’s Group and Retreat for nearly a decade. “I met him at the Emmaus retreat about 10 years ago,” dear friend Jim Martin said. “We worked together on a number of retreat teams including teams that I led and he led a few years ago. This included members of his family including his sons Mike and Mark. We roomed together on several teams. He was like a dad to me since my father died only a couple years prior to our first retreat. I already and will ever miss him but know he will be helping from above. Roy was able to share his faith with so many men and develop relationships with new brothers that changed lives. Roy’s life and witness will be forever a part of our hearts and minds as we continue the Emmaus ministry.” The weekly Emmaus teleconferences were open to all with readings from the Bible, shared experiences and some good-natured jabbing. But mostly it served as a refueling of the soul. “Simply being in dad’s presence was uplifting and comforting, regardless if you were a close family member or a stranger,” Mark recalls.” His kindness, gentleness, love, and compassion knew no bounds.” Roy’s daughter Lisa recalls times her father would take her out to lunch but not without occasional “disturbances.” “We’d be sitting there and Dad would tell me to wait a minute. He’d spot a homeless man outside and ask him if he needed food or drink. But that wasn’t enough. He’d take the food to the man and sit down and have a conversation with him, nothing superficial at all. I was much younger and couldn’t grasp it at the time. I understand now. He went out of his way for everybody and always put others above himself.” And that is how he will be remembered. Mr. Gallus is survived by his wife Alicia; three children, Mike, Mark and Lisa (Simonetti); stepchildren Iveliz (Liz) Castellano, Alicia (Tita) Santiago, and Anibal (Andy) Santiago; 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; his 94-year-old mother, Marie Gallus; three brothers (Dave, Tim and Jeff) and sister, Marie. Viewing for Roy Gallus is Saturday, August 1, 2020, at 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. with 11:00 a.m. Mass to follow. There will be a procession to St. Dominic’s Cemetery, St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, 8504 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19136. In lieu of flowers, a Mass card will be greatly appreciated or memorial donations can be made in Roy’s name to the Pope John Paul II Retreat Center, 414 S. 8th St., Vineland, NJ 08360.

Memories and Condolences

May Roy rest in piece and God Bless his soul. Roy was a dear friend and caring person along with Mike and Mark whom I had the great pleasure of working with during our retreats at the Pope John Paul II Retreat Center. He was very fond of our Retreat House Director my Late wife Margarita whom had a great relationship with the Gallus family. She was also an Emmaus sister and enjoyed serving the SJ Emmaus family Retreats at the Center for many years. Roy was very special to us all for his kindness, convictions, dedication and faith in God specially in his willingness to help in any capacity in the Retreats as well as provide guidance to all of us who was in need or was willing to talk to Roy seeking direction and or advise. He will be missed by us at Pope John Paul II Retreat Center in Vineland. He will forever be in our hearts. May God continue to Bless him in his new role as our guardian angel in heaven. I will miss him dearly. To the Gallus Family my sincere condolences, my Prayers are with you. Ralph Moran.
To the Gallas family, you guys will always be in my heart and in my prayers and your father will always be alive in my mind and Spirit!! Unfortunately I can't make it due to all the situations that are going on but I will be there in spirit!! My donation will be given to Pope John Paul Retreat House in honor of your father!! I love you guys and we'll just wait in patient yearning where we all can be together and hug and love one another with no threat in Jesus name amen amen
On behalf of Pope John Paul II Retreat Center we wish to extend our sincere condolences to Roy’s family. We cherish many found memories of his warm,caring and loving spirit for our retreat center and all who entered seeking God’s comfort. Roy was my husband Angel and son Isaiah’s emmaus brother. My favorite memory is watching a team of Emmaus brothers paint our hall because had been over a decade since it was painted. Hearing the laughter and joking among one another warmed my heart. Thank you Roy, for all that you were to so many, for all that you did for so many, and for how you loved so many. May you Rest In Peace. Marisel Rivera Divine Mercy Parish Pope John Paul II Retreat Center
Roy is 2 years my senior.... In thinking of our 68 year journey together my mind flashes to a picture of two boys, one older carrying his younger brother on his back in front of Father Flanagan's Orphanage called Boys Town. The caption reads, "He ain't heavy Father, He's my brother." That was Roy and I. Throughout those many years we exchanged rolls, carrying one another as needed. But Roy was always my Big Brother, always My Best Man...Thee Best man. He was rewarded for his heart of gold with as perfect a love as humanly possible, he met, married and loved Alicia. All who knew Roy are heart broken and Alicia, my Sister in the truest sense of the word, will find it unbelievable difficult to go on without him. But without Alicia I fear that Roy could not exist. I asked GOD for a miracle and perhaps he answered my prayer. Here's to you Roy...Well Done!
I am saddened by hearing the late news of the passing of Roy Gallup’s, former Assistant District Administrator, Philadelphia County Assistance Office. Roy was a wonderful public service, dedicating 35 years of his life to helping Philadelphia residents less fortunate than him. His kindness & patience enabled him to become an effective Staff Developer to his Casework & Supervisory staff. I was Roys immediate boss for several years, & I could thoroughly depend on him for his expertise, organizational skills, & lofty results in the performance of quality work & service. Roy accomplished his mission during his journey on Earth, & I am certain he has continued to be a selfless champion serving his GOD in Heaven. RIHP dear friend & colleague. We will miss you & what you stood. Take your bow. Best

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