Catherine Stowman (Mullen)

Date of Death: 
March 24th, 2020

Catherine M. Stowman (nee Mullen) passed away on March 24th, 2020 at that age of 96. She was the beloved wife of the late Horace Stowman. Loving sister of the late Christine Ferrara, Mary Tierney and Thomas Mullen. Aunt Cass will be sadly missed by her many loving nieces and nephews. Services and Interment will be held privately.

Memories and Condolences

Well Aunt Cass your journey through life has ended. I have such good memories of all the things we used to do together and all the trips we took together. You and I went to Washington DC with my girl scout troop; we went to the New York Worlds Fare together; I used to go with you to see Aunt Chris and Uncle Chuck & we also did trips to see Aunt Fran & Uncle Tom. I remember how you used to tell everyone that I was your partner and how you used to drive me all over and how later in your life I ended up driving you all over; such is the circle of life. In my thoughts you are finally reunited with all your family and hopefully enjoy catching up with everyone. You were loved Aunt Cass and you will be missed but you left us with lots of memories. For the last 5 years you have celebrated your last Christmas with at rest Aunt Cass. Good night, love you!
Family was everything to Aunt Cass. We were blessed to have her with us for so long. She, and Uncle H, were always a part of our family celebrations, and as kids, we always looked forward to her bringing a cake for dessert (which, according to Aunt, my mom always destroyed it by cutting it with a dull knife😉!). One of our favorite memories was celebrating her 90th birthday. Despite the sweltering hot day, she danced with the Mummers and loved being with the entire extended family. We’re certain you are now celebrating with those who have passed before you, including Horace, Aunt Chris, Aunt Mary and Dad, We will keep the spirit of your generation with us and lovingly remember you all. We love you and will miss you.
Rest In peace Godmother. We shared a bedroom for many, many years. I remember, as a teenager, if I wanted to do something or go somewhere, I not only had to convince Mom, I then had to come up with different arguments to convince you. I remember complaining how I felt I had TWO that time in my life, it was such a burden. 🙂 I remember a trip we took to Atlantic City with you and Horace, Mom and Dad, Jimmy and I. You kept feeding this one particular slot machine over and over. You eventually gave up, came over to see how I was making out, and a woman went over to your “well-fed machine” and, only after a few attempts, hit it big time. I thought you were going to have a heart attack then and there you were sooo furious; it was truly a long ride home. Remember how we used to meet you and Horace at the NJ Pub where you and Jimmy would enjoy your “cock-a-tails”, his a whiskey sour, your’s an old-fashion and how you would always ask him to help you onto the bar stool. We enjoyed many more good times with lots of laughs together. You lived a good long life with love from many, truly a blessing. Please say hello to all our parents.

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